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Vox AD100VTH

Vox AD100VTH
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Cena: 32,980.00RSD
Lager: Nema na lageru
Model: AD100VTH
Proizvođač: VOX
Prosečna ocena: Nije ocenjen

Preporuceno koriscenje uz Vox V412 box

About Vox AD100VTH Valvetronix 100 Watt Guitar Amplifier Head 
VOX's patented Valve Reactor power amplifier for genuine tube sound and feel. 11 ultra-realistic models of the world's coolest guitar amps. Choose from an array of classic and modern U.S.A. and British amplifiers. 11 great sounding digital effects: auto-wah, compressor, delay, reverb, compressor & phaser, compressor & chorus, chorus & delay, chorus & reverb, flanger & reverb, tremolo & reverb and rotary & reverb. An adjustable power-amp output control so you can lower the volume without losing drive, tone or feel. This newest head from VOX delivers an incredible range of sounds. Everything you want is right here, whether your thing is clean twang, raunchy blues, aggressive crunch or insane metal. We've modeled a collection of the most awesome amps, from vintage to modern, ultra hi-gain to ultra-rare boutique models. The AD100VTHhead not only looks and sounds great, it is designed to be guitarist-friendly and easy to use. No complicated programming or editing is required. Up to two user programs can be saved. Manual mode lets you hear your exact control panel settings . Editing is quick, intuitive and knob-based. And you can instantly switch between three completely different settings with the optional VFS2 footswitch. . . . . .

  • Number of amp types: 11
  • Number of amp types: 11
  • Number of effects: 11, Noise reduction: 1
  • Number of programs: 11 preset, 2 channel.
  • Input/output jacks: Top panel – 1 x INPUT. Rear panel – 1 x FOOT SW , 1 x LINE/ PHONE, 2 x EXTERNAL SPEAKER OUT, 1 x LOOP RETURN Jack, 1 x LOOP SEND Jack.
  • Power amp output: maximum 100 RMS @ 8 ohms
  • Adjustable Output Wattage .
  • Signal processing A/D conversion: 24-bit, D/A conversion: 24-bit, Sampling frequency: 44.1 kHz .
  • Power supply requirements: AC, local voltage.
  • Power consumption: 100W
  • Dimensions: TBC
  • Weight: TBC
  • Included items: power cable .
  • Options (sold separately): VFS2 dual foot switch.
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Vox AD100VTH
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